Discovery of a nest of yelkouan shearwater in Ventotene

Discovery of a nest of yelkouan shearwater in Ventotene

29 July 2022

Have you hear the news? A nest of yelkouan shearwater that researchers can reach and monitor was discovered in Ventotene!

But let's take a step back. It was in September 2019 when an inspectable nest of Scopoli's shearwater was discovered in Ventotene. For the first time, it was possible to document the growth of the new born bird and its development  (and proof of the importance of the eradication of rats from the island). Since that day, this nest has been monitored and has given ornithologists the opportunity to gather important information, numerous images and videos. In addition, in recent years it has been possible to ring both adults and new hatchlings, as is also the case with other monitored Scopoli's shearwater nests on Ponza, Palmarola and Zannone.

Until now, however, no yelkouan shearwater nests accessible to researchers had been discovered in the entire Ponziane archipelago. And now, we come to this spring when a Yelkouan shearwater nest has been discovered on Ventotene that can be reached (not without any difficult) by researchers, who have been able to monitor the hatching progress and development of the chick in recent weeks. The researchers have also been able to ring both the parents and the newborn, which took flight just a few days ago. This will make it possible to check, for example, whether this nest will be occupied by the same pair next year. To see the newly fledged young again, however, may have to wait a few years. In the meantime, the good news is that, thanks in part to the eradication of rats from the island, it has managed to grow undisturbed until fully developed.

Once again, the collaboration between those who work on the island all year round, such as the staff of the State Natural Reserve and the "Museo della migrazione", and Life PonDert has yielded results beyond the best expectations. And once again it provided great excitement.

Fair winds to all the Yelkouan shearwater of the Ponziane Islands that are flying away in these days.