The PonDerat at the Life Eolizard event

The PonDerat at the Life Eolizard event

22 April 2024

We were invited to the public event organised by Life eolizard at the Bioparco in Rome.

The morning was dedicated to this interesting project for the conservation of a lizard endemic to the Aeolian islands Podarcis raffonei one of the most endangered reptiles on the old continent.

This five-year project aims to counter threats to the conservation of this endemic species of the Aeolian archipelago and to implement a repopulation programme, essential to ensure its long-term survival.

In the afternoon, a networking session with the presentation of several Life projects, a talk by the Italian LIFE National Contact Points and, finally, a round table discussion.

We talked about the conservation of the Ponzian Islands between the past (PonDerat) and the future (TETIDE).

Always beautiful and important these days.