May with PonDerat

May with PonDerat

28 May 2018

The month of May continued to see PonDerat team in action on the Ponziane Islands to carry out the activities aimed to rat eradication from Ventotene and Palmarola.

At the beginning of the month the survey of bait stations on Ventotene coincided with the monitoring visit of the European Union. With the precious support of local people, the activities were carried out perfectly and were focused on the areas identified as more critical for the success of the action.

A few days later PonDerat team went to Palmarola, for the usual periodic survey of bait stations, and to Ponza, to start the "biosecurity" activities. In fact, several additional bait stations were placed in the port and in the landing areas of Ponza to prevent rats from getting on the boats directed towards Palmarola and thus to avoid the reinvasion of the island.

The data collected are more and more comforting but there is still work to do: we will be on the islands for a further inspection at the beginning of June before the mass arrival of tourists and visitors who, even without knowing it, will also be among the beneficiaries of the absence of rats from the islands.