International guests for PonDerat

International guests for PonDerat

27 March 2018

The week before Easter holidays was an intense week for the Ponderat team, between field work and international meetings.

First of all, it was the time for the third round of control to bait stations in Ventotene and Palmarola. Despite the difficulties due to an inclement weather, the work was carried out with punctuality and now we just have to wait for the next round in April to check the progress of the action.

In the same days we hosted a visit of a delegation from the Shiant Islands (Scotland) project, another project of rat eradication carried out by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Charlie, Laura and Robin were really nice guests who even joined us for a day in our activities. It was a wonderful opportunity to share approaches, methods, tools and to compare with a project carried out in a totally different context, both from the environmental and human points of view.

In the following days we hosted another international delegation, from the project "Building LIFE capacities in Lithuaniaö, come in Italy to visit some of our LIFE projects. It was a short but intense visit, interesting and qualifying both for us and for the LIFE Team of the Ministry of the Environment of Lithuania.

Meanwhile, shearwaters are back to the islands to reproduce. The survival of their chicks depends on the success of our project.