Rat eradication on Ventotene: first act

Rat eradication on Ventotene: first act

20 January 2018

An intense, demanding but exciting week of work in Ventotene is over. Fifteen technicians and park rangers of the Lazio Region went to the island to place the bait stations that will allow the island to be freed from rats and to restore the conditions existing hundred or thousands of years ago, when man introduced these animals on the islands of the whole Mediterranean.

This is only the beginning of an intervention that will last a few months, requiring several controls and replacing of the baits to be sure to achieve the result.

The team worked very well, also showing a great creativity in overcoming the inevitable difficulties that can occur. An organized and effective "assembly line" has allowed the preparation of 800 bait dispensers in just a few hours. Dispensers were then distributed on the whole surface of the island. This part of the work, the most demanding one, would not have been possible without the collaboration of the population of the island. Thanks to the people of Ventotene, who helped and supported us, the work proceeded quickly and was completed on time.

Thanks again to the whole team!

Next stop: Palmarola.