In Ponza and Palmarola for field activities and meetings

In Ponza and Palmarola for field activities and meetings

28 November 2017

From 21 to 23 November a large group of PonDerat technicians went to Ponza and Palmarola for several activities.

On 22 we went to Palmarola, also taking advantage of the wonderful day with calm sea. Here some of us checked and baited the fence prepared for capturing goats, which will then be brought to Ponza for quarantine and then given to farmers. Others explored the island to further define how and where to act for the eradication of rats starting next year. The day was also an occasion to collect zoological and botanical data, which will be useful for environmental monitoring and pre-post comparisons.

The next day we were hosted by the Comprehensive Institute of Ponza. We spent the morning with middle and high school students who listened with interest what we are going to do on their islands. We talked about alien species, specific actions of the project, and what each of us can do to help to protect the Ponziane Islands. Eventually, some students took the floor with interesting considerations and questions.

During the meeting, we also distributed some of the gadgets specifically designed for the kids: we absolutely want them at our side to look with confidence to the future of the Ponziane Islands.