See you on the Ponziane islands

See you on the Ponziane islands

21 March 2022

Here we are, ready to board the ship just after the conclusion of the final conference.

It has been 2341 days since we took the other photograph. It was the end of October 2015, when, at the beginning of the project, we gathered in Ventotene to get to know each other better, with the goal of cementing the group. There was the enthusiasm of leaving for a new adventure, but also the many uncertainties of a commitment that announced itself as difficult and full of unknowns.

In the one we are publishing today, however, you can see the great satisfaction of those who worked without ever sparing themselves, and therefore have no regrets: in recent years we have worked hard to achieve the objectives of the project, sometimes we succeeded, sometimes not.

In these days of late winter we found ourselves all together again on the island of Ventotene, aware that an important period for all of us was about to end, but something equally significant could not be erased: the great relationship of trust built with many residents of the Ponzian islands, always marked by the utmost mutual respect, the beautiful working group built over the years, composed of women and men deeply motivated.

In everyone, the awareness of the importance of all that has been built, and the desire not to stop, in the hope of finding ourselves, still together, in new projects and new adventures.