Carpobrotus eradication from sea cliffs. Step 1: get prepared.

Carpobrotus eradication from sea cliffs. Step 1: get prepared.

1 March 2021

Two days of observations from land and sea to examine all existing stands, monitoring possible regeneration in eradicated areas and remove a few sprouts. Everything blessed by the warm temperature, the pleasant atmosphere of the island and a superb blossom of daffodils (Narcissus tazetta L.) at Punta Eolo and on the island of Santo Stefano.

Last week staff of some project partners, Raffaella Frondoni from Sapienza, DBA, Michele Giunti from NEMO srl with the help fo and Jonathan Balducci from GeoSolutions Garfagnana, were involved in a field survey in Ventotene and Santo Stefano, to assess the effective feasibility of working with ropes on sea cliffs for removing Carpobrotus. Two days of work with the precious support of Antonio Romano from the Riserva Naturale Statale Isole di Ventotene e S. Stefano.

Thanks to Elena Schiano di Colella, Annarita Matrone and Raffaele Taliercio for their support in reaching the different stands. Thanks to Elisabetta Notini for the company and participation, and for reminding us rucksacks and documents left around …

Next appointment with Carpobrotus in April! (fingers crossed)