Back to Zannone - From the diary of a botanist

Back to Zannone - From the diary of a botanist

20 July 2020

At last we make it! After several months of absence, despite this pandemic and the uncertainty of the sea we came back to the islands. Our perseverance has been awarded.

We have to build a fence that will help to protect part of the precious holm oak forest in Zannone, not by capturing but by preventing the access of mouflons. This action will enable to study the vegetation dynamics over time and what would be the future of the forest in a completely natural context.

But this post is not specifically on the fence, there will be time to write about this ... rather, I prefer now to share a little part of the beauty that welcomed us. The marvel that every time seems to wait only for us and shows itself with a different aspect, giving positive thoughts: this time with a wonderful myrtle bloom! Walking through the holm oak forest: lentisk, heather, strawberry tree, and small seedlings of holm oak found in the area that will be fenced give us hope for the future. Our colleagues observed a similar regeneration in Palmarola. Plants are showing their resilience!

And, by the way, we also managed to survey a small sea cliff population of Limonium.