To the discovery of mermaids

To the discovery of mermaids

28 August 2019

Two days dedicated to mythological mermaids and shearwaters (whose characteristic call inspired the mermaids’ legend) to communicate the charm of these seabirds. This was the objective of the events scheduled in Ventotene on August 26 and 27 and organised by the State Nature Reserve and the Bird Migration Museum.

Thanks to the good weather conditions, in 48 hours many tourists and residents participated in two linked initiatives. On Monday 26, the Bird Migration Museum organised an evening tour by boat to watch the gathering “rafts” of shearwaters. Members of the Life PonDerat team were on the boat and presented the project, as we consider this type of eco sustainable tourist activities as part of environmental protection. If our project succeeds in increasing the number of shearwaters, as expected, watching the evening rafts will be even more spectacular in the next future.

On Tuesday 27, Lucia D’Amato, ranger of the Regione Lazio, presented the Life PonDerat project through a storytelling performance with picture cards (in the tradition of the Japanese “kami-shibai”), which attracted many children and kids, but also adults. She performed in the afternoon on the beach of Cala Nave, in front of the mural portraying a shearwater and realized by Krayon for the Blue Flow event, and in the evening in Piazza Castello. Following this performance, a public meeting took place in the square, which involved people working on shearwaters protection in Ventotene: Sara Riello and Annarita Matrone (Bird Migration Museum), Marta Di Meglio (Blue Flow), and members of the Life PonDerat team. A numerous and attentive audience was present and the meeting prolonged beyond the expected closing time due to several interventions and questions.

We wish to thank the Municipality of Ventotene for the crucial technical assistance and the permission to use the beautiful location of Piazza Castello.