Resto with...Life PonDerat

Resto with...Life PonDerat

1 April 2019

In late March some members of the Life PonDerat staff were in Pianosa (Arcipelago Toscano National Park) for networking and exchange with the project “Resto con Life”. The Life PonDerat staff participated in rat eradication from Pianosa, thanks to the experience gained on the islands of Palmarola and Ventotene.

Adverse weather conditions postponed the activities (first scheduled on March 26) to Friday 29, and the end date was April 2.

Our team mainly worked in the mid of the island by placing baits in the most critical areas, and carefully examined the areas in the pine woodland where the last check highlighted high consumption by rats.

It was an important occasion to know and actively collaborate with a great project that share some actions and conservation objectives with Life PonDerat.