First encouraging results

19 October 2018

After much work, finally we see the first encouraging results of the removal of rats from Palmarola. In the second half of September, researchers from ISPRA monitored the nests of Scopoli’s shearwaters on the island. Although this year some of the previously monitored nests are no longer inspectable due to the collapse of some parts of the cliff, the monitoring of accessible nests (seven in all) has allowed to record a reproductive success of 71%. If compared to 13% and 11% recorded respectively in 2017 and 2016, this result says a lot about the benefit produced by our action against black rats, the main predators of chicks.

As further evidence of the excellent reproduction trend, the researchers have found four additional chicks ready to fly near the nests.

An extremely positive result, which encourages us to successfully conclude the eradication of rats from this beautiful island.