An evening with PonDerat

An evening with PonDerat

10 September 2018

On 7 September, PonDerat went to Ventotene to spend an evening with tourists and residents to explain them what has been done in the past months. With us, some of the friends who have been working for Ventotene for years, some involved in biodiversity conservation, others in cultural and tourist activities, but always with an eye to the nature of the island.

The evening was opened by Sara Riello of the Migration Museum, who told us about the ornithological study activities that have been taking place on Ventotene for decades and about a special tourist experience taking place on the island: the evening excursions to observe shearwaters in the so-called "rafts" before they return to their nests and chicks. We hope these excursions to become more and more exciting and attractive with the increase in the number of shearwaters expected as a results of rat eradication from Ventotene and Palmarola.

Afterwards we were pleased to have with us Marta Di Meglio of Blue Flow, a beautiful exhibition of street art that has been held in Ventotene for some years now. In addition to telling the story of Blue Flow, Marta showed a succession of beautiful images testifying how birds and migration, so evident in Ventotene, influenced the artists who took part in the festival. As evidence of this, Lorenzo Pandolfi illustrated his splendid work, depicting a "traveler" oriole, which can be admired on the front wall of the Migration Museum.

After, we projected a short movie, made ad hoc and screened in public for the first time, talking about the activities that PonDerat is doing on the Ponziane Islands

Then, the "grand finale" with the kamishibai style theater by Lucia D'Amato, who made available her creativity and talent to transform the story of the project into a story that intrigues and fascinates young and old.

A special thank you to the Municipality and to the Natural Reserve of the Islands of Ventotene and Santo Stefano for supporting and hosting us in the magnificent setting of Piazza Castello.

An evening to remember.